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Welcome to X-Faucet
A source of bitcoins


Digital currency and payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, released as open-source in 2009.


There is no central control, only consensus-based system. Thereafter, it has no central point of failure.


Addresses in bitcoin network store bitcoins. These addresses are not tied to real-world entities.

Free bitcoins

In 2010, Gavin Andresen launched the first bitcoin faucet, giving free bitcoins to every visitor in order to raise awareness of cryptocurrency.

How to get a bitcoin address

If you want to use this bitcoin faucet, you must have a bitcoin address. If you don't have one, this tutorial shows how to make a paper wallet, and you will get your address to receive your coins. That's how a paper wallet looks like:

A simple bitcoin paper wallet. The bitcoin address to save your free bitcoins is also in the QR code

However, a digital wallet is a easier way to store and transact bitcoins. There are software wallets, online wallets and also physical wallets. Some options can be found here.

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